Development support

The process of developing and manufacturing plastic products consists of many complex steps. Each of these steps - from the discussion with the customer, to the choice of production methods, to the analysis of the finished product - must be carried out professionally and accurately. KK Solutions supports its customers at every step of the development of a new product - whether it is a prototype, a single product or a large-scale production.

Advantages of the development support offered by KK Solutions

Many years of experience as the key to your success

Product development support is made possible by years of experience in the plastics processing industry. We have been in the market for over 30 years and have developed advanced projects for our customers. We use our knowledge of the many industries that use plastics, combined with our years of experience, to help you succeed.

Thanks to our know-how, you don't have to make design and production mistakes. Our specialized team of experts will advise you on each of the above-mentioned stages of the final product.

Development support

Avoid design errors with expert support

An innovative plastic product can be fraught with "teething problems." Avoiding these is closely linked to relying on the experience and knowledge of experts. At KK Solutions, we know that our customers expect a flawless and stable solution.

That's why our design support department provides access to standard and non-standard design and manufacturing methods. When you rely on our experience and manufacturing capabilities for your project, you can be sure you are creating an innovative and stable product.


Using technology to ensure a high level of quality

At KK Solutions, we have an advanced technology park to support the development of your project. It is not only about the production line, but also about the design office and administrative support

After the initial consultation and identification of the problems of the plastic product comes the moment of design. Our experts will support you in the creation of your project by providing sound advice. If necessary, they will also take over part of the design tasks. In this way, it is easier to create a finished design in a shorter time, where design errors are eliminated.

Development support

Cost reduction through shorter design times

Along with reliability, this is one of the most important factors to consider when completing a project. How do you save investment funds with KK Solutions? A specialized team of engineers will support you in the development of your project.

Standardized working methods combined with the ability to tailor them to individual needs significantly reduce the duration of the design phase. Risk assessment combined with a wealth of expertise ensures a rapid transition from the design phase to implementation.

Enlisting the help of KK Solutions reduces the costs that would be incurred in developing a product through trial and error.

Why is development support from KK Solutions the right way to go?

We have been in the market for the development and processing of advanced plastics technology for more than 30 years. Not only do we provide our customers with ready-made solutions in a variety of industries, but we also work with them to develop the solutions of the future.

We have administrative, content and technical expertise in the design, production and development of plastic products. Today, KK Solutions can be the most important business partner for you and your company.

Choose reliable solutions from KK Solutions

Many years of experience, an advanced technology park and readiness to support even individual projects - all this is the reason why many Polish and foreign companies use KK Solutions to support their projects.

Thanks to our innovative methods and skillful design for the benefit of the customer, we are business partners for many companies all over the world. We look forward to working with you to make your product a market success!