Prototyping is critical to creating functional and reliable designs. This is the process of creating a single product variant to present a visual representation of the design features to the customer or investor.

Prototyping influences the effective elimination of defects, saves resources and facilitates the production process of the final product. With KK Solutions, the prototyping process is fast and efficient!

Why is prototyping necessary for success?

Prototyping is performed to confirm or rule out product demonstration and validation objectives. Conformance to design documents and customer requirements can be easily determined by producing a single prototype or a small quantity of the product for observational purposes. Obtaining a prototype leads to observing the characteristics of the finished product. It helps to get an idea of the design that will be implemented in single or large-scale production with the target materials.

Without a prototype, the entire production process can be very costly and consequently unprofitable. The investor's needs, combined with KK Solutions' production methodology and expertise, ensure the highest quality of the resulting product. However, the customer's expectations may be somewhat different, which can be verified primarily through prototypes. Therefore, instead of launching a product that does not meet expectations, it is better to create a prototype and use it on a small scale.


What are the advantages of creating a prototype?

First, creating a prototype gives insight into the visual presentation of the final product. Without it, it is difficult to accurately capture the final solution. A model created in a computer system is fully legible only to engineers and the investor, while presenting it in the form of a tangible prototype provides insight into each element. Second, prototyping is the best source of feedback from the customer. This information is essential for creating the final solution and presenting the expected product to stakeholders.

The third advantage is the ability to quickly and directly make improvements to the design. A temporary user of a particular prototype can model the design without hesitation and without risking high costs. This is because the destruction of the prototype does not involve any material loss, since it is an experimental product.

Another major advantage is that prototyping provides excellent research material for the development of new technologies. In fact, it has been found that it can be much faster and cheaper to develop an innovative design simply by creating a prototype of another device.

How does KK Solutions create a prototype for the customer?

Prototyping a project involves several phases depending on the expectations of the developer. This is because the test variant of the product may be focused on different functions and features of the final solution. Therefore, several variants of the prototype can be distinguished, which was created with the support of KK Solutions:

  • Functional example - a product variant that has all the functionalities of the final solution. In this case, KK Solutions provides access to a product that can be part of the final production product or be part of the evolution path of the solution. The functional model must meet all the assumptions of the project.
  • Proof-of-Concept - is a less advanced type of prototyping using a simple visual representation of the design. This allows corrections to be made on the fly without having to start production of the prototype from scratch.

Create your prototype with KK Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience in the realization of plastic projects, we guarantee our customers advanced and customized solutions. With innovative prototyping technologies, we minimize the risk of errors, save budgets and achieve a reliable product.

If your company needs assistance in obtaining a preliminary or functional prototype, take advantage of KK Solutions' offer!