CNC turning

The use of CNC machines has revolutionized high-volume and unit production of plastics. Today, CNC machining is the primary way to machine not only polymers, but also metals and other plastics. KK SOLUTIONS is an expert in CNC milling services for plastic products. Take advantage of our machinery to get a great product!
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What does CNC turning consist of?

Milling plastics with CNC machines is chip machining. It involves getting rid of excess material in a peripheral, point and shape manner. In CNC turning, rotary motion is performed by the lathe head, in which the workpiece is placed. On the other hand, the loss of material is carried out by the turning knives.

The cutting process with CNC machines is fully computerized. The machine operator is responsible for placing the product in the lathe, observing the turning process and verifying the cutting in terms of initial settings and compliance with the design.