CNC milling

What is 5-axis CNC milling?

To describe it simply, in 5-axis milling, an object and the milling tool are moved simultaneously along five different axes by means of a CNC control. This enables the machining of very complex parts, which is why 5-axis technology has proven itself especially in medical technology and special plant engineering.

KK Solution works very successfully with trained personnel to produce the highest quality. The reasons why 5-axis technology has become widely used are as follows:

  • Object machining in a single setup to reduce lead time and increase efficiency
  • The possibility to prevent work accidents by controlled tilting of the milling element or the milling table. Thus, the geometry of the object can be optimally generated
  • The service life of the milling tools is increased by an optimally coordinated turning and milling process
CNC milling

In addition to this, CNC turning of polymeric materials is used extensively in the construction of moving parts of utility equipment (pulleys, cogs) and the production of parts of feeder and conveyor lines. In addition, at KK SOLUTIONS we provide support to anyone who needs to create single batches of turned plastic products. In doing so, it does not matter what industry our customer is in.

CNC milling

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For maximum work efficiency and the highest quality, our machinery is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC lathes. The design department and engineers directly involved in production work rise to the occasion to ensure that all the customer's expectations are met. Prototype, unit or high volume production have no secrets for us.

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