Environmental technology

Environmental technology stands for clean water and clean air. In the industry these requirements are for the protection of mankind. KK Solution cooperates with well-known companies, which represent this technology worldwide and produces the plastic parts, which are necessary for it, whether it is turned and milled parts or separators or separators with metal frame. KK Solution will give you professional advice with your requirements.

The environmental technology can be considered in two parts, namely

  • Exhaust gas cleaning
  • Wastewater treatment
Environmental technology

Exhaust gas cleaning

Waste gas purification is about immediate treatment of the gases produced during a production step. Our customers are guided by the TA Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control), a guideline for the protection of mankind.

Depending on the substance, there are different solutions, because the different substances to be cleaned cause different reactions. The gaseous and solid substances are then collected in waste gas scrubbers.

Wastewater treatment

In wastewater treatment, there are also again two processes, namely:

  • Biological purification
  • Chemical physical purification

In biological wastewater treatment, wastewater substances such as ammonium or nitrate are broken down.

In the chemical-physical process, coarse and fine substances are first separated. Then the chemical processes are applied depending on the purpose of the process.

Environmental technology with KK Solutions

Therefore, contact KK SOLUTIONS today. Take advantage of our production capabilities for your success. Join us as our partner in modern environmental technology. We look forward to working with you!