PP Polypropylene

Polypropylene is currently one of the most popular polymers in common use. Without it it would be almost impossible to function in the medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, food or furniture industries. Therefore, at KK SOLUTIONS, we provide our customers with access to a wide variety of types of products made just from polypropylene. Take advantage of them!

What exactly is PP polypropylene?

Polypropylene with the trade designation PP is one of the polymers and is classified as a plastic. It is formed by the low-pressure polymerization of propylene (propene). It is included in the group of polyolefins, that is, polymers having only carbon and hydrogen in their molecular composition.

Due to the way polypropylene is obtained, 4 main types of this polymer can be distinguished:

  • amorphous otherwise amorphous
  • atactic
  • isotactic
  • syndiotactic

Characteristics of polypropylene

What are the characteristics of PP polypropylene? It depends on the form it takes in the polymerization of propylene. Isotactic PP, whose chirality centers are fully ordered and equal, is considered the most durable and strongest variety of polypropylene.

It is essentially insoluble in water, odorless, colorless, easy to print and very easy to machine and heat treat. As a result, it is not difficult to produce a wide variety of molds and objects of common use from it. PP can also be used to produce structural components.

Noteworthy is its physical and chemical stability despite changes in the temperature of the material. Raising it above the melting point and cooling it down means that the component still has the same properties. It may only change its shape slightly if it is not properly shaped in the process.

This is why many polypropylene parts do not require adhesives if they are to be joined together. Similarly, the manufacture of PP products itself is based mainly on heating the raw material, pressing it into a mold and cooling it.

Polypropylen Isolierung

What kind of items are made from polypropylene?

Polypropylene's very good physical and chemical properties make it used in many industries. KK SOLUTIONS manufactures polypropylene items for such industries as:

  • Food - food, and water packaging are manufactured from PP.
  • Chemical - fuel canisters, piping and tubing for the transfer of aggressive liquids and gases.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical - a lot of containers, syringes, tubes and medical accessories are made from PP.
  • Economic - household and domestic utility packaging such as buckets, casters, tanks, containers and barrels.
  • Construction industry - components of central heating, plumbing, sanitary installations and insulation parts for them.
  • Textile - for the production of carpets, rugs, synthetic fibers.
  • Automotive - all types of equipment housings and exterior accessories, and interior of cars.

Top-quality PP products at KK SOLUTIONS

Right now you can take advantage of the opportunity to create a product for your company from PP. The processing and creation of polymer products is a priority for KK SOLUTIONS.

Our team consists exclusively of specialists in the field of plastic design, manufacturing and processing. Start working with us today to achieve your success!