Requirements for machines in medical technology

The equipment used in the medical field requires a high degree of precision and accuracy. KK SOLUTIONS is your partner for the production and processing of components for medical equipment . Use the solutions of the best!

Development of medical solutions with KK SOLUTIONS

We understand that today's medicine requires the development of innovative solutions. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the highest level of safety, match polymers to customer needs, and reduce costs as much as possible. All this means that not every manufacturer of plastic articles is able to undertake the design of medical components.

However, KK SOLUTIONS relies on its years of experience, advanced machinery and a constantly improving design team. This ensures that you are working with a processor of the highest quality safe medical polymers.


The most commonly manufactured polymers used in medicine and pharmacology Polymers used in medicine can be divided into several product groups. These include polymers that are:

  • Diagnostic, prophylactic and rehabilitation - these are all plastic parts that come into contact with the patient's body in the short term.

The medical industry is highly bound by safety regulations and specific requirements for material properties. The goal is to develop equipment whose use has no negative effects on the patient's body. In addition, plastics used in medicine must be resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants. In addition, biomedical polymers must not be exposed to high temperatures and X-rays.

One of the most important properties of medical plastic products is adhesion and cohesion. This is the ability for surface and internal molecular bonding, respectively. In addition, medical polymers must be completely inert for contact with living tissues, organs and blood.

Their high biological neutrality is demonstrated by implanting polymers for many years or even a lifetime. Another important factor is to give the polymers individual physical properties. These include tensile or deformation strength, high density and material hardness.

How are items made from medical polymers manufactured at KK SOLUTIONS?

The process of manufacturing components for medical technology begins with a design. The customer delivers it to our specialists or consults with them about his individual variants. Through joint work on the product, material and technological knowledge is exchanged, which serves to improve the design part.

The next stages are the implementation of the design into the prototype or individual production. These are used to test the characteristics of the object and determine the final variant. These phases are followed by a final review before production begins in the factory.

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