Bending and folding

Thermal processing of plastics includes, among other things, bending and folding. Both processes make it possible to obtain the appropriate shapes and dimensions of the final product. At KK SOLUTIONS, we understand the importance of precise bending and folding of plastic parts. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art machines and expert knowledge! Choose KK SOLUTIONS to create polymer products for your business!

Polymer bending and folding at KK SOLUTIONS

Bending and folding
What are the characteristics of bending polymer materials? This process is carried out to obtain specific shapes. Polymer bending is performed with plasticizing temperature and bending force, although some polymers can be bent cold. Both methods are used to create the desired shape without having to cast the mold from scratch.

How is plastic bending carried out?

Heat bending of polymers consists of 3 stages. These are: heating, bending and cooling the shape.

Heating the component before bending

You might think that the process is very simple. Nothing could be further from the truth. The key to success in the bending process is to evenly plasticize the part exactly where the bending is being carried out. This is done by machines that heat the plastic from above and below. Only by evenly distributing the temperature in each polymer layer can a precise bend be made according to the design.

Bending the plastic

Once the component is heated at the bending point to the plasticization temperature, bending is performed. The machine must not do this job too late, lest the temperature drop below the plasticity level. This would threaten to break material continuity. Achieving the desired angle of bending depends on the applied torque and, above all, on even heating.

Cooling the shape

This is the final stage of plastic bending. The sheet or finished part is stopped by the machine when it reaches the desired bend angle. This process must be continued until the component cools below the plasticizing temperature. Only then can further processing of the component or bending of further planes proceed.

Why are plastic bending and folding used?

These two polymer machining processes are used to give objects a specific shape. Of course, one might think that it is also a good idea to use more complex molds to make injection castings. However, current demand in the plastics market requires manufacturers to be much more creative than they used to be.

For this reason, bending and folding have become a permanent part of the image of the services offered by KK SOLUTIONS. There are products, for example, leaflet racks, architectural elements, finishing elements and covers, the casting of which is almost impossible. We are talking not only about small products, but especially sizeable items. For these reasons, bending and beading are the only options for giving finesse and unobvious shapes to plastic parts.

Bending and beading at KK SOLUTIONS

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