Series production

Creating repetitive or series of products requires advanced machinery. At KK Solutions, we know how important it is from the customer's perspective to deliver a batch of product at the highest quality and lowest possible unit price. Our design laboratory combined with a modern machinery fleet and skilled staff will ensure the success of your business!

Series production at KK Solutions

Implementation of serial production of plastic parts is our domain. We provide our customers with the opportunity to create unique technological solutions, the advantages of which will be visible from the moment of obtaining a prototype. For serial production, we use an advanced design department, where we translate the Client's recommendations into a design. At the next stage, we obtain a trial result to define the level of fulfillment of expectations and evaluate the validation features of the product. If it meets the above-mentioned assumptions, it is put into serial production.

Types of series production at KK Solutions

Creating a series of a given component has to do with defining the production scope. Therefore, there are several types of series production that can be achieved with KK Solutions. It can be defined in terms of the number of pieces of a given series:

  • Small serie production - involves the creation of a small number of pieces of a given product, which usually comes in different size and quality variants. Small serie production is moderately based on the use of machines, universal equipment can be used to create a line of several/some products. Products are heavily influenced by manual operations.
  • Medium-volume production - this type of product obtaining is to a greater extent controlled by machinery. The lead time for a given batch of product is scheduled, and the items themselves are usually similar or the same. Medium-volume production can be repetitive.
  • High-volume production - optimized for the use of specialized machinery. This type of batch production is timed in advance, usually individual machines perform one production step, and the entire batch is produced continuously. High-volume production is geared toward making the same products.

Benefits of implementing serial production at KK Solutions

The implementation of serial production has a lot of benefits for the customer. First of all, the unit cost of manufactured components is reduced. This is of great importance in the retail and wholesale of components or the production of machines whose components are manufactured in a high volume process. In addition, it is possible to obtain a huge number of components in a short period of time, since the entire line of machinery at KK Solutions is geared to produce a specific batch of product for the customer. Thanks to the application of rigorous quality control processes, products coming out of batch production at KK Solutions meet the customer's expectations and the standards set for them.

What makes up the batch production process at KK Solutions?

At our company, we know the importance of meeting the customer's requirements for success. That's why serial production begins with gathering as much information about the product as possible. This makes it possible to design the component to be produced in a given batch. If the customer has his own design at his disposal, our experts proceed to the stage of prototyping and evaluating the fulfillment of the product's expectations together with the customer.

Once the finished product is approved, the batch process of the ordered number of plastic parts begins. Depending on the customer's requirements, it can be one-time, repeated irregularly or cyclically at the same intervals.

Choose serial production with KK Solutions

Our advanced and modern machinery is ready to accept your order. If you expect the highest quality product at the lowest possible unit price, take advantage of our offer. We provide production of plastic parts and creation of products requiring other materials such as metal products, which we source from trusted suppliers. Create a series of your products with us!