Assembly production

Minimizing costs, obtaining finished products and professional quality control - this is what distinguishes assembly production at KK Solutions. Thanks to the use of high-performance production, measuring and assembly equipment in our machine park, it is possible to produce components and deliver finished products of the highest quality to the customer. Check out the advanced assembly production process at KK Solutions!

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What does assembly production of plastic parts consist of?

The first step determined by the customer is the type of serialization of the product. The customer can opt for low-volume or mass production, which differ in many ways. At KK Solutions, we understand that the needs of the Customers are different, so we have adjusted the machinery to maximize the efficiency of the production of plastic products. Once the production volume is determined, it is time to implement it.

One of the most important stages of assembly production is the production of a finished product in the form of a prototype. The customer, together with experts from KK Solutions, evaluates the validation of the product and can make it available to external testers who are in the product's target audience. This stage has a direct impact on overall production and determines the implementation of additional changes not introduced at the design stage.

The last step is to launch the production of components. Here we are talking about several important stages - production, unit inspection, assembly and selective inspection of the finished product. Each component is produced in KK Solutions' state-of-the-art machinery, checked for compliance and assembled according to the design. The final stage involves verification of the quality of the final solution, which goes to the customer.

How is assembly production carried out at KK Solutions?

We use two ways to assemble finished parts ordered by the customer - nested and linear. The linear process is fully automated or based on semi-automatic solutions. It makes it possible to create an entire product line with the involvement of specialized production and assembly machines. This type of assembly production is reserved for generating high-volume creations, which allows to reduce unit costs and increase production efficiency. However, it is not suitable for the production of complex components that require human intervention.

That's why at KK Solutions we also use nested assembly production. Thanks to it, it is possible to create products with a complicated shape, made of different raw materials, or equipped with components that work together. Such production requires the use of precision assembly equipment in the manual variant. Sometimes nested assembly production is also used for less demanding orders. The key to the choice of assembly method is the batch size of the ordered product.

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Variants of joints used in assembly production of plastics

The choice of assembly production method in linear or nested variants is also influenced by the design itself. KK Solutions engineers, in cooperation with the customer, work out the best way to join the individual components. The most common ways of joining plastics to each other include:

  • bonding - occurs in variants of products that are not disassembled and are resistant to user intrusion into the interior;
  • latching - used in products where the connection does not require high forces, and the user has to open and close the device components;
  • screws and pins - the connection with screws or pins is used in devices with considerable closing force and wherever solid interior protection is required.

Assembly manufacturing with KK Solutions!

Do you expect the highest quality, reliability and optimization of production costs? At KK Solutions you will receive much more! Thanks to our many years of experience in plastic processing, we provide customers with products of the highest quality. We adjust our machinery to the needs of the products and take on the most diverse challenges. Take advantage of our facilities to achieve your success now!