The founders Thomas Kosikowski and Joe Kresky have been working together as a successful team since the end of the 80s. They got to know each other at Schering Galvanotechnik and later took over Höllmüller Maschinenbau GmbH in a management buy-out, which strongly influenced horizontal equipment for wet-chemical applications (printed circuit boards, display technology, solar panels, thin-film applications) with new innovations and thus became known as specialists for process engineering solutions.

kosikowski kresky

In 2007, the two companies and their third partner sold the company to RENA GmbH in order to further enhance synergies in the industry.

In 2014 the idea was born to found a new company to serve the market needs. With highly qualified employees and modern machinery the company started under the management of Zbigniew Moskal (Director Administration) and Slawomir Dudek (Director Technology).

In the meantime, the Engineering + Plastics company has established itself in the industry and serves not only as a supplier of plant components and plastic parts, but also as an extended workbench for several international companies.

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