Manufacturing technologies

  1. Machining of plastics on modern CNC machining centres:
    • Milling,
    • Lathing ,
    • Drilling,
    • Cutting ,
    • Thread cutting
      CNC-controlled machines allow the economic production of complex technical precision parts in small or large series, exactly according to your wishes.

  2. Welding of thermoplastics according to DVS guidelines:
      • butt welding machine for plates,
      • hot-gas welding,
      • IR – welding,
      • extrusion welding,
      • hot plate welding,
      • bonding of plastics.

    All of our staff dealing with plastic welding is certified according to DIN EN 13067.

    Our company is certified as a specialized company according to WHG (German water management act

  3. Assembly service:
    • Manufacturing of parts including assembly ,
    • Assembly of partial systems,
    • Assembly of complete equipment.

We have a close cooperation with highly qualified steel suppliers to complement our parts or systems.

Products and services

  • Equipment for manufacturing printed circuit boards,
  • Tanks for electroplating technology,
  • Dosing units,
  • Chemical treatment systems,
  • Laboratory equipment for various chemical processes,
  • Pumps and filters for various chemical processes,
  • Biogas facilities,
  • Plastic piping for media containing chemicals,
  • Assembly of individual systems,
  • Machining of plastics,
  • Technical support of complete projects
WHG certificate
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